D2.1 Available

Deliverable on Branding Strategy

We’ve submitted our first deliverable on Brand Development. It is available on our Deliverables Page at: http://www.cyclone-project.eu/deliverables.html.

This deliverable describes the strategy for creating a CYCLONE brand and how that brand will be used in the various CYCLONE communications channels.

Having a consistent and easily recognizable brand will maximize the visibility and impact of the project’s dissemination and communication efforts. CYCLONE is an Innovation Action and effective dissemination is especially important to ensure adoption of the CYCLONE developments during and after the project.

The brand strategy depends on and is a part of the the project’s exploitation and dissemination plans described in the Deliverable D2.2. The effectiveness of the brand and communications channels will be monitored during the project to allow optimization of the strategy and used techniques.

The CYCLONE will use co-branding approach where the CYCLONE brand will be used in parallel with the branding of the individual components for the duration of the project.

Such diverse audiences require a similarly diverse range of communication channels taking advantage of an outward-facing website, traditional media, and social media. The branding strategy must provide a consistent image of the project through all of these channels.

The brand identity must convey the core benefits of the CYCLONE software to Application Service Providers and other target user groups: full services and resources integration, end-to-end security, advanced network configuration, agility, confidence, simplicity, and flexibility. The graphic elements that will be used for the brand identity include: project logo, favicon to appear in the URL, common colour scheme, specific fonts for various document elements.