D2.2 Available

Deliverable on Dissemination and Communication Plan

We’ve submitted our second deliverable on Dissemination and Communication Plan. It is available on our Deliverables Page at: http://www.cyclone-project.eu/deliverables.html. CYCLONE Dissemination and Communication Plan (DCP) presented in deliverable D2.2 (M3) includes a number of activities to inform community about the CYCLONE project, its activities and technologies. The DCP describes channels, mechanisms activities to deliver the main project messages to different target groups identified by the project.

The project’s communication efforts are focused to reach both the major community of Application Service Providers and Managed Service Providers, and other audiences such as Cloud Service Providers, standards bodies, and the general public. Such diverse audiences require a diverse range of communication channels taking advantage of an outward-facing website, traditional media, and social media. The branding strategy must provide a consistent image of the project through all of these channels.

DCP uses both passive dissemination and communication methods and (pro-)active methods to build future community of the CYCLONE technology adopters. The important role in this activity will belong to the project branding strategy described in the deliverable D2.1. The branding should convey the core CYCLONE features: agility, flexibility, confidence, and usage simplicity.

The presented DCP includes an initial plan for dissemination and communication activities, including publications, events organisation and attendance, which is based on existing partner network and involvement into research and professional community activity. Having such plan will allow building effective and coordinated project activity.

The presented document is an initial DCP that includes initial set of related activities and will be updated on yearly basis based on analysis of past activities, their effectiveness, including planning new activities, responding to new technology trends, suggestions from developer communities and demands from target user groups.