CYCLONE poster at EGI2015 Conference

CYCLONE presented a poster at the EGI2015 Conference

CYCLONE presented a poster titled “CYCLONE: Multi-cloud applications deployment and management platform and ecosystem” at the EGI2015 Conference that is the major event of the European rsearch and scientific community which is the important CYCLONE target user group. The EGI2015 conference took place in Lisbon on 18-22 May 2015 and was attended by more that 250 attendees from Europe, US and Asia Pacific region.

Poster abstract is published on the EGI2015 COnference website at The poster introduced the CYCLONE project multi-cloud applications deployment and management platform and ecosystem that offers benefits of integrating heterogeneous public and private cloud applications and resources with dynamically deployed advanced inter-cloud network services provisioning on-demand and federated security infrastructure. CYCLONE project targets ASPs, providing them with software and tools that facilitate the deployment and management of complex multi-cloud applications and enhance the end-to-end security and network management of multi-cloud applications.

CYCLONE research and development is focused on the following tasks and services:

  • Improving cloud IaaS services by integrating network services into the cloud offering for a direct control over virtual machine network accessibility, intra-site data access, and inter-site data transfers, including dynamic allocation of bandwidth between cloud providers and common authentication mechanisms.

  • Creating software tools and components that allows developers to ensure the end-to-end security, including secure data access and transfer as well as dynamically provisioned access control infrastructure.

  • Providing tools for application developers to automate the placement of service components, scale resources toward a full-featured PaaS and SaaS offerings.

  • Further developing the concept of the Marketplace as a Third Party Trusted services for cloud services and applications publishing and discovery in market oriented multi-provider environment.

CYCLONE integrates and improves existing open-source components contributed by the project partners:

  • SlipStream web-based and API tool for defining complex, multi-machine applications and automating their deployment onto cloud infrastructures (SixSq)

  • StratusLab software distribution and deployment for IaaS cloud (CNRS)

  • OpenNaaS Network-as-a-Service platform (I2CAT)

  • Trusted Cloud Transfer Protocol (TCTP) (TUB)

  • Dynamic Access Control Infrastructure (DACI) (UvA)