CYCLONE Security Architecture Deliverables 4.1 and 4.3

Deliverables 4.1 and 4.3 available

We have submitted two deliverables on CYCLONE Security Architecture: D4.1 and D4.3.These documents explain the architectural decisions and the current implementation for the security components in relation to CYCLONE use cases.

We have completed a basic cycle of browser based login of eduGAIN users to the CYCLONE system via our Federation Provider using OpenID Connect.

Deliverable 4.1 summarizes the specification and the initial implementation of the basic CYCLONE security infrastructure. Its goal is enabling security within federated, multi-cloud solutions through the deployment of secure applications and services as well as automating the configuration of security properties.

Deliverable 4.3 serves as a reference for the current state of the extended CYCLONE security APIs within the CYCLONE security infrastructure. The APIs implement current standards for service provider APIs and the established best-practices for the CYCLONE multi cloud application users.