CYCLONE will present a research paper at the 5th Intercloud2016 workshop

CYCLONE will present a position paper at the 5th Intercloud2016 workshop collocated with IC2E Conference on 4-8 April 2016 in Berlin

CYCLONE will present a second research paper at the 5th Intercloud2016 workshop that will be collocated with the IC2E Conference on 4-8 April 2016 in Berlin, Germany The paper is focused on usecases analysis and definition of requirements to the main CYCLONE platform components to enable multi-cloud and inter-cloud applications deployment automation.

Paper Abstract:

This paper presents results of the ongoing development of the CYCLONE as a platform for scientific applications in heterogeneous multi-cloud/multi-provider environment. The paper explains the general use case that provides a general motivation for the CYCLONE architecture and provides detailed analysis of the bioinformatics use cases that define specific requirements to the CYCLONE infrastructure components. Special attention is given to the federated access control and security infrastructure that must provide consistent security and data protection for distributed bioinformatics data processing infrastructure and distributed cross-organisations collaborating teams of scientists.

The paper provides information about selected use cases implementation using SlipStream cloud automation and management platform and StratusLab scientific cloud platform. The paper also addresses requirements for providing dedicated intercloud network infrastructure which is not currently addressed by cloud providers (both public and scientific/community). Further research and developments suggestions are provided to address multi-cloud issues, DevOps environment integration, and stricter data protection issues.