SlipStream Training for CYCLONE Participants

SixSq provided a day-long tutorial on SlipStream for CYCLONE members after the project’s recent Face-to-Face collaboration meeting in Amsterdam. Six people took advantage of the training and learned about how to use SlipStream to:

  • Deploy simple and complex applications on cloud infrastructures,
  • Define portable, multi-cloud applications, and
  • Scale those applications horizontally and vertically.

The participants used the project’s testbed consisting of Nuvla and the StratusLab and OpenStack clouds at the Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linear (LAL) as well as the Exoscale public cloud. The testbed will soon include cloud resources from QSC and Interoute, two other CYCLONE partners.

i2cat has developed generic VPN and Firewall components that can be easily added to applications defined in SlipStream. These allow application developers to secure their applications without having to reimplement these fundamental components. The i2cat developers learned in the tutorial how to speed the deployment of these components and how to adapt them (e.g. scaling) as a cloud application evolves over time.

If you’re interested in SlipStream features, you can sign-up for an account on Nuvla, follow the embedded tour, and learn more with the online tutorial.