New network services available: load balancer and firewall

Integrate network services into your cloud applications using our ready-to-deploy modules to increase security and lower maintenance efforts.

The firewalling service uses security-groups to allow application developers to define packet filtering rules for application components. The load balancing service is based on the well-known HAproxy and eases the creation of load-balanced applications. All services can be easily deployed using the deployment manager as part of an automated cloud application deployment. The I2CAT team also implemented an underlying framework to rapidly implement these and other services, the OpenNaaS-Cyclone Network Services Manager/ Orchestrator (CNSMO).

Benefits for DevOps, CIOs, and end-users

  • Fully automated component instantiation
  • Minimal configuration input required from DevOps, e.g., the balancing mode and the firewall rules.
  • CSP-independent functionality, circumventing any limitations, e.g., CSP-managed security groups.
  • Any cloud model can be used, e.g., private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Next steps

We integrate the services in the CYCLONE flagship use cases to increase network security. In the future, we’ll refine and extend the service based on these use cases. In parallel we’ll shortly release additional network services to be used by the CYCLONE project use cases.

You can start using them now!

Source Code:

Integration manual on OneDrive:

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