CYCLONE paper presentation at CLOUDNET2016

We'll present the CYCLONE architecture at the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet 2016), 3-5 October 2016 in Pisa, Italy

The position paper “CYCLONE: a Multi-Cloud Federation Platform For Complex Bioinformatics And Energy Applications” will present the CYCLONE architecture and describe the project approach to integratig network infrastructure and cloud based applications.

Paper Abstract:

Multi-cloud applications delivered across heterogeneous public cloud service providers poses different technical and operational challenges in terms of resource brokering, integration, implementation of security trusts, etc.. In this paper we describe the federation approach taken in the H2020 CYCLONE project, which designed a multi-cloud platform integrating and orchestrating different open-source cloud and network management tools (Openstack, OpenNaaS, SlipStream and TCTP). Some real-life use-cases in the scientific area of energy optimization and bioinformatics are in use to validate the CYCLONE architecture and integrated platform, from the viewpoints of service deployment, service availability, elasticity and security. These validation activities are carried out in the CYCLONE shared testbed infrastructure, whose high-level description is also presented in this paper. Initial feedbacks on the validation of the CYCLONE federation approach will be available at the beginning of Q4-2016, when the CYCLONE use-case portfolio will be extended to increase external users’ involvement and attempt validation of the federation approach from real world market