The Third CYCLONE Newsletter published

Explore the CYCLONE development on the major components of the multi-cloud applications development platform.

In the third CYCLONE newsletter we present the two major aspects of the cloud based applications development: dynamic applications scaling on clouds and security infrastructure deployment in multicloud environment, including compiance issues.

CYCLONE is a Horizon 2020 innovation action funded by the European Commission which aims at integrating existing cloud management software to allow a unified management of federated clouds. Application service providers (ASPs) develop, deploy, and maintain complex computing platforms within multiple cloud infrastructures to improve resilience, responsiveness and elasticity of their applications. These applications are often designed to scale automatically in response to demand and to permit live upgrades of the underlying software.

A number of challenges are addressed by the CYCLONE project. In this newsletter we describe our approach and solutions for the following two, namely,

  1. Multi-cloud deployment and scaling of federated applications. A challenging factor for application deployment and exploitation within the CYCLONE infrastructure is its highly dynamic nature, which raises the need for application and infrastructure managing solutions that quickly adapt to, or even anticipate, changing circumstances. Based on the use case scenarios described at CYCLONE deliverables and the corresponding requirements, we present how CYCLONE development addresses some of these. In particular, in this newsletter we describe the proposed solution for auto-scaling of cloud application to maintain a given Quality-of-Service (QoS). We briefly describe the two core components of the solution: SlipStream and an Analytics Engine.

  2. Compliance analysis for bioinformatics applications deployed in cloud. One of the aims of the CYCLONE project is to follow security compliance recommendations and standards in the future developments. Leveraging on the Newsletter #2, we provide more details about the HIPAA/HITECH rules that create a basis for Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We also explain mapping of different industry related standards to the general cloud compliance guidelines and best practices by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

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