CYCLONE will present a paper at the InterCloud2017 workshop

CYCLONE will present a research paper at the InterCloud2017 workshop collocated with the CCGRID2017 Conference on 13-15 May 2017 in Madrid, Spain

CYCLONE will present a research paper at the InterCloud2017 workshop collocated with CloudCom2016 Conference on 12-15 December 2016 in Luxembourg. The workshop is co-organised by CYCLONE and GEANT4 projects. The paper is focused on the multi-cloud security infrstructure to enable secure services deployment when using the CYCLONE platform.

Paper Abstract:

This paper presents results of the ongoing development of the CYCLONE as a platform for scientific applications in heterogeneous multi-cloud/multi-provider environment. In particular, we focus on QoS management of the multi- cloud applications within CYCLONE. A challenging factor for application deployment and exploitation within the CYCLONE infrastructure is its highly dynamic nature, which raises the need for control methods that quickly adapt to – or even anticipate to – changing circumstances.
In this paper we present the solution that allows for performance optimization of the running applications within CYCLONE.
This solution is envisioned as an eternal software solution which can be integrated with SlipStream, a cloud automation and management platform. Based on the analysis of the measurement data, a number of actions may be taken. These actions may include re-scaling of the cloud resources, re-deployment of the application, or choosing of the alternative deployment of the same application.
The core of our solution is the analytics engine, and, for a given scenario, we illustrate the some of the engine algorithms.