The CYCLONE Cloud Apps development platform in education

CYCLONE development is used in education in networking and cloud related courses at the Technical University Berlin and the University of Amsterdam.

The CYCLONE cloud automation platform and SlipStream in particular are used in the education activities provided by academic partners such as Technical University Berlin (TUB) and University of Amsterdam (UvA).

TUB courses powered by CYCLONE developments and products:

  • Internet of Service Lab (IOSL) based courses and master projects (past - Winter Term 2016/2017, future Winter Term 2017/2018)

UvA courses powered by CYCLONE developments and products:

  • Cloud Computing and Web Services (past - Spring 2017, future Spring 2018)

The SlipStream will also provide the basis for the DevOps in Software Engineering practical hands on labs in the DevOps course for Software Engineering program that is scheduled to start in September 2018.

The project also cooperates with the GEANT eAcademy initiative by providing several tutorials related to cloud based network services deployment using CYCLONE and SlipStream tools. CYCLONE and SlipStream provide benefits of the existing bioinformatics community which is increasingly using clouds and require dedicated on-demand provisioned network connectivity.