The CYCLONE Whitepaper published

Explore the CYCLONE Cloud Applications development and DevOps platform powered by SlipStream cloud automation platform.

The CYCLONE Whitepaper presents a consistent platform and tools for cloud based applications developers and providers.

The whitepaper describes the project concept, approach and main products to address the main aspects of the cloud-based applcations development: cloud deployment automation, dedicated network infrastructure provisioned on-demand and controlled from applications, and federated access control infrastructure.

CYCLONE is a Horizon 2020 innovation action funded by the European Commission which aims at integrating existing cloud management software to allow a unified management of federated clouds. Application service providers (ASPs) develop, deploy, and maintain complex computing platforms within multiple cloud infrastructures to improve resilience, responsiveness and elasticity of their applications. These applications are often designed to scale automatically in response to demand and to permit live upgrades of the underlying software.

Find out more in the Whitepaper.