CYCLONE Oneclickdemo

The CYCLONE Oneclickdemo (source) has multiple components

All of which are running at various URLs. There’s a couple things you can do with the demo.

Evaluate Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Evaluate SSO by trying out the authorization process, going from OpenID-Connect to SAML and back.

  1. Visit the Demo Wordpress Instance running at Scroll down the page and click “Log In”.

    CYCLONE Demo Wordpress CYCLONE Demo Wordpress

  2. This will send you to the CYCLONE Federation Provider. Choose DemoIDP.

    CYCLONE Demo Federation Provider CYCLONE Demo Federation Provider

  3. This will lead you to the discovery service of the Samlbridge. In production, you would see a list of all connected Identity Providers presented to you in a searchable list. These could include your and other organizations or universities across the world as is the case with eduGAIN. Since this is only a demo, there is only one option to choose from, which is the DemoIDP. Click on it to continue.

    CYCLONE Demo Samlbridge CYCLONE Demo Samlbridge discovery service

  4. Now you are presented with the login page at the DemoIDP. The username for this demo is user with the password user. For demo purposes, this user belongs to the admin group. After logging in, you will be redirected back to the federation provider and the Wordpress application.

    CYCLONE DemoIDP CYCLONE Demo Identity Provider

  5. Congratulations, you are now logged in to not only the demo Wordpress application but all CYCLONE demo components since the CYCLONE Federation Provider supports Single-Sign-On.

    CYCLONE Demo Wordpress - Logged In CYCLONE Demo Wordpress - Logged In

  6. Check out your account information by going to Continue with the next demo to see SSO in action and inspect the logs.

    CYCLONE User Account Page CYCLONE User Account Page

Inspect the logs and Multitenancy

For this demo you need to pick up where you left off with the previous demo (or be logged on to the CYCLONE demo in any other way). The logs generated by the demo components are collected using Logstash, indexed by Elasticsearch and presented to you using the Kibana dashboard.

Visit the logging dashboard at Since you are already logged in, you will be presented with the dashboard immediately.

CYCLONE Logging Dashboard CYCLONE Logging Dashboard

The dashboard includes logs from all the CYCLONE demo applications and they are all visible to you because the demo user is in the admin group. For a more limited view of the logs, log in with a different user. The DemoIDP provides the following users:

Username Password schacHomeOrganization
user user admin
user2 user demo
user3 user demo
user4 user demo

Thank you for trying out CYCLONE!