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Project Flyer

Project Flyer


Project overview Newsletter #1 - Q1 2016

  • CYCLONE in a Nutshell
  • Manage Your Cloud Application Resources
  • CYCLONE Bioinformatics Use Case Scenarios
  • CYCLONE Energy Use Case Scenario

First Newsletter

Security and compliance within CYCLONE Newsletter #2 - Q3 2016

  • CYCLONE Bioinformatics Use Cases and Security
  • CYCLONE Energy Use Case Security and Compliance
  • Access Control Infrastructure Provisioning in CYCLONE
  • CYCLONE VPN service
  • Compliance and Security - Existing Standards and Recommendations

Second Newsletter

CYCLONE Highlights Newsletter #3 - Q1 2017

  • Application Performance Management for Multi-Cloud CYCLONE Environment
  • SlipStream Components for Auto-scaling: Architecture
  • Compliance Analysis for Bioinformatics Applications in CYCLONECYCLONE Bioinformatics Use Cases and Security

Third Newsletter


Cloudscape 2016CYCLONE Cloud Federation and Multi-cloud Application Deployment for Bioinformatics Research

See how all components interact to realize the Bioinformatics Use Case

Cloudscape Poster


Introduction to OpenNaaS

OpenNaaS Introduction

Introduction to TRESOR

TRESOR Introduction

Turnkey appliances for biological use cases on federated clouds

Turnkey appliances for biological use cases on federated clouds



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Yuri Demchenko, Paola Grosso, Cees de Laat, Sonja Filiposka, Damir Regvart, Migiel de Vos, Tasos Karaliotas “ZeroTouch Provisioning (ZTP) Model and Infrastructure Components for Multi-provider Cloud Services Provisioning”, In Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2016 IEEE International Conference on. (In press)

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Slawik, Mathias, Begüm İlke Zilci, Fabian Knaack, and Axel Küpper. “The Open Service Compendium. Business-pertinent Cloud Service Discovery, Assessment, and Selection” (2015)


ID WP Name Expected date
D2.1 WP2 Branding Strategy 2015-02-27
D2.2 WP2 Dissemination and Communication Plan 2015-03-31
D2.3 WP2 Updated Dissemination and Communication Plan 2015-11-30
D2.4 WP2 Final Dissemination and Communication Plan 2016-11-30
D2.5 WP2 Dissemination Report - Year 1 2015-12-31
D2.6 WP2 Dissemination Report - Year 2 2016-12-30
D2.7 WP2 Dissemination Report - Final 2017-11-30
D3.1 WP3 Evaluation of Use Cases 2015-10-30
D3.2 WP3 Consolidated Evaluation of Use Cases 2017-01-17
D3.3 WP3 Final Evaluation of Use Cases 2017-10-31
D3.4 WP3 Business Plans and Potential Market 2017-11-30
D3.5 WP3 Overview of Implemented Use Cases 2017-12-29
D4.1 WP4 Security infrastructure specification and initial implementation 2015-12-31
D4.2 WP4 Multi-cloud security 2016-12-30
D4.3 WP4 CYCLONE secure action and resource models 2015-12-31
D4.4 WP4 Consolidated CYCLONE secure action and resource models 2016-12-30
D4.5 WP4 Final CYCLONE secure action and resource models 2017-12-29
D5.1 WP5 Functional specification of the E2E Network service model 2015-07-31
D5.2 WP5 Specification of network management and service abstraction 2016-03-31
D5.3 WP5 Cloud federation Network Service delivery and integration 2017-12-29
D6.1 WP6 Complex Application Description Specification 2015-06-30
D6.2 WP6 Specification of Interfaces for Brokering, Deployment, and Management 2015-08-31
D6.3 WP6 Solutions for Non-functional Aspects of Cloud Computing 2016-09-30
D6.4 WP6 Summary of Provided Brokering, Deployment, and Management Features 2017-09-29
D7.1 WP7 Description of testbed 2015-07-31
D7.2 WP7 Overlay with focus on component manager 2015-10-30
D7.3 WP7 Overlay with focus on resource manager and SDN ** 2016-04-29
D7.4 WP7 Inclusion of features asked by developers ** 2017-12-31

* Under EC review

** Confidential