The CYCLONE Whitepaper published

Explore the CYCLONE Cloud Applications development and DevOps platform powered by SlipStream cloud automation platform.

CYCLONE organised Tutorial on Cloud and Big Data Security and Compliance at the CloudCom2017 Conference

The CYCLONE Cloud Apps development platform in education

CYCLONE development is used in education in networking and cloud related courses at the Technical University Berlin and the University of Amsterdam.

CYCLONE will present a paper at the NetCloud2017 workshop

The CYCLONE Technical paper TOSCA templates for NFV and network topology definition published

Find out current trends and best practices in using TOSCA for NFV and network topology definition

CYCLONE poster and demo at TNC17 Conference

The 7th NetCloud2017 Workshop as part of IEEE CloudCom 2017 Conference, Hong Kong

CYCLONE poster EGI2017 Conference and INDIGO DataCloud Summit 2017

CYCLONE will present a paper at the InterCloud2017 workshop

The Third CYCLONE Newsletter published

Explore the CYCLONE development on the major components of the multi-cloud applications development platform.

CYCLONE at Success 2016

CYCLONE organised workshop on Cloud and Big Data Security and Compliance at the BDIC2016 Conference

CYCLONE at France Grille

CYCLONE presented during the EC Common Exploitation Booster service Brokering & Pitching

CYCLONE will present a paper at the NetCloud2016 workshop

SixSq and CYCLONE supporting scalable, automated applications

New improvements to CYCLONE network services

We work hard on application and infrastructure integration

CYCLONE paper presentation at CLOUDNET2016

We'll present the CYCLONE architecture at the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet 2016), 3-5 October 2016 in Pisa, Italy

The Second CYCLONE Newsletter available

Explore our use case scenarios and how we provide security to federated cloud applications.

OpenNaaS CNSMO architecture and services presented in MedHocNet16 conference

CYCLONE present in TNC’16

New network services available: load balancer and firewall

Integrate network services into your cloud applications using our ready-to-deploy modules to increase security and lower maintenance efforts.

SlipStream Training for CYCLONE Participants

Another great CYCLONE F2F meeting - Hartelijk dank Amsterdam

CYCLONE organizes the Intercloud2016 workshop

I2cat releases vpn network service

CYCLONE present in the Inter-Cloud Cluster meeting

CYCLONE at NetFutures’16

CYCLONE at CloudExpo'16

CYCLONE at Mathrice 2016

CYCLONE at Cloudscape 2016

Presentation at EGI All Hands 2016

CYCLONE will present a research paper at the 5th Intercloud2016 workshop

CYCLONE Security Architecture Deliverables 4.1 and 4.3

CYCLONE use cases in Life Sciences

Deliverable D7.2 already available

The 5th Intercloud2016 Workshop as part of IEEE IC2E2016 Conference

ESnet Releases Open Source Software from MyESnet Portal for Building Online Interactive Network Portals

CYCLONE Federation Provider

The TeleManagement Forum Zero-time Orchestration, Operations and Management (ZOOM) Program

CYCLONE co-organises Cloud SWOT networking session at ICT2015

D7.1. Available

CYCLONE Security Design Meeting 2-3 July 2015

D6.1. Available

Camera-ready submitted to KDCloudApps 2015

CYCLONE poster at TNC15 Conference

Presentation at WETICE 2015

CYCLONE poster at EGI2015 Conference

SlipStream Tutorial

OpenNaaS Tutorial

StratusLab Tutorial

TRESOR Tutorial

D2.2 Available

Paper accepted at WETICE 2015


CYCLONE at IEEE Intercloud Workshop

D2.1 Available

CYCLONE LinkedIn Group