First, our stack.

The tools section provides an overview about the main components, the tools and libraries we created to support DevOps, as well as demo applications.

Our project deliverables provide further information, especially about the security architecture (D4.1 & D4.3), software-defined networking (D5.1 and D5.2) as well as our approaches to application description, brokering, and matchmaking (D6.1 and D6.2).

Helping you is part of our job

We welcome any user of the CYCLONE stack and want to help you with any questions and challenges you may have. Please see our contact page for more information who to contact regarding the software.

See our demo applications

See how easy it is to use Wordpress with federated identities

TU Berlin, GPLv2, Source

Learn how to use federated identities with Django


Apache filter web access based on the federated identities

CNRS IFB, Apache 2, Source

See all our components in action

TU Berlin, -, Source

Tryout our main components

Use Slipstream for free on

You can tryout SlipStream through the Nuvla Online Deployment Platform that gives free access to all of the functionality of the open source version of SlipSream. See the CYCLONE button besides the login form? You can use this to login via the Federation Provider

Testdrive the Open Service Compendium

While still in early alpha, the latest development version is always deployed under

Check out the CYCLONE Oneclickdemo

An always online, auto-resetting demo of how CYCLONE can help you manage Single-Sign-On, distributed logging, and more. Evaluate now at