We ease cloud deployment, raise cloud security and offer advanced networking features in the CNRS Bioinformatics research production environment.

Use case overview

We use the CYCLONE software stack to enable advanced cloud management functionality, especially:

  • Managing the deployment of single bioinformatics VMs as well as clustered bioinformatics applications through Slipstream
  • Relying on federated user identities for data access and data sharing using the CYCLONE Federation Provider
  • Managing firewalling and load balancing network services using OpenNaaS

Within the bioinformatics environment, our developments are used in a wide range of domain-specific applications, for example:

  • Cloud virtual pipeline for microbial genomes analysis
  • Live remote cloud processing of sequencing data
  • Assembling genomes from sequencing reads

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You can find detailed information about the use cases on our use case portal:

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