The management of the multi-cloud environment with CYCLONE components will enable the distribution of computing resources in order to collect measurement data of energy generation and consumption all over the grid.

Use case overview

In order to meet the climatic and energy target of the European Union the energy system is changing with the integration of more and more renewable energy resources. This implies a shift toward a decentralized supply model with an increasing number of distributed sources. A multi-cloud environment with heterogeneous infrastructure and data is formulated. In the new model there is the necessity to efficiently incorporate the huge amount of the participants with different roles and different rights. Therefore the adoption of the latest ICT solutions for managing the energy components and the energy data is essential. Given the sensitivity of the energy system the use case requires trustable cloud computing with an end-to-end secure data management approach. The data is collected, stored, analyzed and processed in the cloud-computing platform. The CYCLONE solution provides the possibility for easier multi-cloud deployments (including public or commercial clouds) by allowing manual or automated services to be used.

In the CYCLONE project the available components with their services are used to deploy in a secure environment the components for a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that integrates distributed energy resources (DERs) for the generation of renewable energy and to combine them to one reliable power plant. Moreover a dedicated view on the requirements of the consumption of the energy was provided in order to consider new services. The CYCLONE solution provides a unified way to manage the multi-cloud environment of the future energy sector. The energy use cases using the CYCLONE implementation benefit in terms of efficient energy management and provisioning.

Using the SlipStream component the definition of base components with common features is enabled which allows the reuse on any cloud with a SlipStream cloud connector. SlipStream also permits the automation of application deployment and infrastructure provisioning in future energy management systems by providing the appropriate solution for the management of a multi cloud environment. This CYCLONE component meets the requirements about the automated exchange and collection of parameters in the deployed applications.

The services provided by the network component (OpenNaaS-CNSMO) are included during the application deployment to enforce the security of data storage by forming an isolated network.

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